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Gary Moore opened that door for me - Henrik Freischlader interview

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Henrik is a self-taught musician, a multi-instrumentalist, and a composer. He loves the Blues. Motivated by Gary Moore, he made the guitar his main instrument... - as you can read on his website. Of course he is much more than that. A very talented and open-minded musician, who started his career by playing the blues, adding other influences from jazz, funk and soul, and now he is on his way to a rockier direction - as you can already hear it on the most recent Henrik Freischlader Band album, "House In The Woods". The band has been touring with new songs since last autumn and has already played more than 50 concerts in a tight schedule, so we took the opportunity to ask Henrik some questions, during a short break before the second leg of the tour, with another 20 gigs in the UK and continental Europe. Did I forget to mention that he is a great guy with lots of love and humour, and also a member of our fan community from the early days? LOTS of reasons why you should really check out his music.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Reissue with Gary's playing

Click here for larger imageAnother Gary Moore guest appearance is released on CD during the first week of December. "Warriors Of The Wasteland" was planned to release in a new version in December 1986, so Trevor Horn, the producer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood asked Gary Moore to play some guitar for this new "Attack Mix". Gary did the recording in an hour, and as he mentioned in an interview later, the next day he heard it on the radio. Originially it was produced only as a test pressing 12" single, and was available on rare bootleg releases for years. In 2001 it was finally released on an official compilation in Germany, under the title "Twelve Inches". This time it is available in two formats, in Europe on one disc, while in Japan as a double version with different artwork...

Keith Emerson's "The Christmas Album"

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One of Gary's almost unknown guest appearances will be released again on CD after long years. It was originally recorded in 1982, but at the end of the day the album was released only in 1988, under the title "The Christmas Album". Although none of the LP or CD versions mentions Gary's name as a guest musician, Keith confirmed that he needed a guitarist and a drummer in a song, so he has asked Gary and his drummer at the time, Ian Paice. I wouldn't say that it is a must (unless if you are a collector of Gary Moore releases), but of course it can be a nice and interesting addition to your music collection, especially now in the Christmas season. The title of the album tells you everything about it really. Such a shame that as a composer, Keith only needed from Gary what we can hear on it. Keith has asked him, and he's helped. After you bought it and enjoyed the music, than placed the CD on the shelf, check out Don Airey's K2...

Blues For Jimi on double vinyl

I've just received this great additional information related to the "Blues For Jimi" releases, that this great live material from 2007 will be released on double vinyl as well on the 24th of September. Catalogue number is EAGLP493. Looking forward to hear and see all formats!

Blues For Jimi - Preview

Thanks to the Japanese Ward Records, now we can see a short preview of the forthcoming "Blues For Jimi" DVD & Blu-ray.

Blues For Jimi on CD, DVD and Blu-ray

Click here for larger imageThis long-awaited concert recording will be released on 24th September in the UK & Europe by Eagle Records/Eagle Vision.
The Japanese versions will be out a couple days earlier on the 19th. Just like the last time with "Live At Montreux 2010" in Japan there will be more versions, limited edition CD+DVD and CD+BLU-RAY sets, too, but it seems the normal CD version will be released only in Europe, and maybe later in the USA. The program is 74 minutes long, and at the moment we don't have information about any extra material. On the left you can see the artwork of the European version Blu-ray Disc. Click on it for the larger image.

"Live At Montreux 2010" DVD nominated for Blues Music Award!

The Blues Foundation, based in Memphis, USA, has announced the nominees for the organization's 33rd annual Blues Music Awards, which takes place on Thursday, May 10th 2012 at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis.
In the "DVD Of The Year" category, the "Live At Montreux 2010" set is pitched against a number of other, top notch titles. Read the full nominee list here.
This follows on from Gary's 2009 nomination for Best Rock Blues Album of the Year, for the 2008 CD "Bad For You Baby".


DVD Of The Year nominees:
Ana Popovic - An Evening At Trasimeno Lake (ArtisteXclusive)
Gary Moore - Live At Montreux 2010 (Eagle Rock/Eagle Vision)
Ruthie Foster - Live At Antone's (Blue Corn)
Trampled Under Foot - The Emporium To The Orpheum (Redwood)
Various Artists - All Jams On Deck (Mug-Shot Productions)
Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton - Play The Blues (Rhino)

source: www.gary-moore.com


Gary Moore Memorial Tree

On 26th October we have planted a little tree in the centre of Budapest.

After that shocking Sunday in February, weeks and months passed so quickly, that I've found myself under blossoming cherry trees in the blink of an eye. Just like in the last couple of years - related to my work -, we have spent some nice days together with our friends and teahouse guests in a little botanical park in the heart of Budapest. We are usually celebrating Hanami in that park, making teas, and enjoying the spring and the beautiful flowers of these Sakura trees.
This spring wasn't the same. As these Hanami days usually are in the first weeks of April, just around Gary's birthday, I wasn't able to get out of my mind the feel that we have to plant a tree like this, dedicated to the memory of Gary Moore. As these trees are so beautiful, they are also sad in the same time. Our Japanese friends knows it better, but these short-lived flowers are also known as the synonyme of the beautiful but short life, what we have to enjoy and appreciate...

Heavy Petting and other proclivities

Click here for larger imageHux Records will re-release Dr. Strangely Strange's second album "Heavy Petting" on 31st October 8th November 2011. The album was originally released in September 1970 with Roger Dean's cover artwork and one of the first recorded appearances of Gary Moore. Now digitally re-mastered from the original stereo production tapes, this great album has now been bolstered by the addition of seven live and studio bonus tracks. Record Collector magazine recently nominated this as one of the most collectable progressive rock albums of all time. This reissue is packaged in a full colour digipack with a 36 page booklet and includes exhaustive liner notes and lots of rare photographs and ephemera. The booklet also includes full lyrics and interviews with the band...

New vinyl releases in October

The UK based Back On Black record company mostly release metal albums, but recently they have started to re-discover some of the great rock bands too, and now you can find in their catalogue some blues artists as well. Rory Gallagher, ZZ Top, Rainbow, UFO, Saxon and the Michael Schenker Group records are available already or will be out in a month, and earlier this year the classic Thin Lizzy albums also have been re-released on beautiful black vinyls in gatefold covers. Of course the most important news for us that two of Gary's albums also will be out pretty soon...

Live At Montreux 2010 - "Oh Wild One"

Now you can download the live video version of "Oh Wild One" from the Eagle Records website. Submit your e-mail address below and follow the instructions of the e-mail what you will receive.

"Wild Frontier Tour" on CD & DVD

EMI will release the classic Stockholm concert from 1987! At the moment the release is scheduled for 31st December 2011! Please note that this release has been postponed from an earlier planned date and hopefully it will be out at the end of this year. The double set will including a CD and a DVD, with the same 9 songs as it was released originally on VHS in 1987. The difference is that this time they've used the longer versions of the last two songs. "Rockin' Every Night" and "The Loner" were edited to shorter on the original release, but if the details are correct what we have got from EMI, it seems that now we can enjoy them in longer versions. DVD will be available separately as well. Watch this space for more info...

"Live At Montreux 2010" on CD, DVD & Blu-ray!

"2010 saw Gary Moore make a return to rock music after a long period of time exploring the blues. He was writing and working on a new rock album when all was brought to a halt by his untimely death on 6th February 2011. This concert from Montreux in July 2010 was his last performance to be filmed. The setlist draws heavily on his hugely successful rock albums of the eighties, stirs in a couple of his classic blues tracks with some memorable hit singles and includes three brand new songs that would have featured on the album left sadly uncompleted on his death. Gary Moore was one of the finest and most respected guitarists the British Isles have ever produced. This concert shows just what a talent we will miss."

Deluxe edition of Black Rose

The legendary "Black Rose" album will be out in a double deluxe edition on the 27th June 2011. This deluxe version of the album contains an expanded booklet by Paul Elliott and contains new interview with Scott Gorham and Brian Downey. The first disc contains the remastered version of this classic album from 1979, while you can find many rare and unrelased tracks on the bonus CD. Some of them are available on official release for the first time.

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