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Update - 10th January 2015
The black t-shirts are almost sold out, only 1-1 copies of XXL and XXXL sizes left on stock, so we will order some more next week. If you would like to get a black one with your membership card, please complete the form below to let me know which size you would like to have, and I will reserve the right one for you until the next round of personalized cards will be ready to send.

Update - 19th December 2014
I would like to thank you all the very kind messages and the enthusiastic interest related to our just starting membership campaign. I've sent out all packages to those who requested the cards and shirts in the first round. Hope you will receive them quickly - and maybe some of you already have got it! Please send me a short e-mail when you've received it.
Welcome in the first 100!

This membership card is really not only about joining our fan community, as you can do that even with a single e-mail or a newsletter subscription, showing your interest that way. It's more like a symbolic thing, even if you can't afford (or don't want) to upgrade it for the Annual Membership in the new year. Hope you will like the card with your name on it, also our new t-shirt and will wear it proudly! We are keep low the price of this basic package, to make it available for many of you. This amount already including the worldwide airmail shipping!

Request your LOTS Membership Card with our new fanclub t-shirt!

25 USD donation

You don't need to have a PayPal account to send the payment with a credit or debit card! Click on this Donate button and follow the instructions on the PayPal pages. It is safe! Feel free to ask, if you have any questions or if you would need technical assistance! After receiving your payment, we will double check with you the postal address and your name, that how you would like to see it on your membership card! (It can be up to 30 characters long, including the spaces between the names)

You will receive:
- a membership card with embossed name and number in a clear pvc case to use it with a lanyard strap
- new, unisex fanclub t-shirt, optional in black and white
- regular LOTS newsletters about our activities and forthcoming Gary Moore (and related) releases

From 1st January 2015 you will be able to upgrade it to the Annual Fanclub Membership to enjoy the benefits of it and to support our activities and plans in keeping the memory of Gary Moore and spreading the word about his musical legacy. Thank you for all the support!

It can be long as up to 30 characters (including spaces), so if you have a third name, you can use that, too.

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