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Hamer Standard #0731 / Natural (1984)

According to Hamer’s records, this guitar was completed and shipped with a natural finish Standard #0731 to Gary Moore on 31/08/84. It could be assumed that the pickups were Hamer Slammers, built by DiMarzio, and since the guitar was sent to Mr. Moore, the neck pickup was probably wired with reverse polarity. Steve Matthers, an expert on Hamer says "Hamer Standards in Natural with the matching flame headstock are rare. I’d guess no more than two or three were made." You can see more photos about this guitar at

"Lately I have been experimenting with guitars like Hamers. I've got a Hamer Explorer which they built for me recently. It's a great instrument. They built it out of a beautul piece of maple. It's the closest thing you can have to a tasteful Explorer shape guitar. It sounds really fantastic, so I've been playing that quite a lot..." (Gary Moore)

(Guitarist - January 1985 - Volume 1 / Number 8.)

"I've confirmed that we did indeed build and ship a “Natural Finish” guitar serial #0731 for Gary Moore. It was invoiced on August 31, 1984 and shipped via air freight to Dirk Sommer in England. Dirk was handling the logistics of Gary’s equipment purchases. Gary purchased and paid for this guitar (our invoice #18917) as is our usual practice with artists. Gary was pictured with it in a number of photos including the now famous poster with Phil Lynott." (Jol Dantzig)

Hamer Standard (1974-1985 and 1985-date) Explorer-style bound body with flame maple top (also unbound bodied guitars and opaque finishes), glued-in neck with 22 frets (24.75" scale), steeply angled peghead (scimitar) and either unbound neck with dot inlays or bound neck with crown inlays. The guitar has a tune-o-matic bridge, stop tail piece and two humbuckers. Tuners also changed from Grovers to Schallers around 1979. Reissued in 1995. A limited run of Korina Standards has also been produced (1995-1996). From 1997 the most basic Standard has solid unbound mahogany body and scratchplate.


Hamer Vector / Light blue (1985)

The Flying V style guitar, in light blue with white pick guard is called a Vector (1982-1985), 22 fret neck (24.75 " scale length), Hamer three a side peghead, rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. The two humbuckers are DiMarzio on the early guitars and later replaced by Hamer Slammers. Most have a sustain block fixed bridge but sustain block, Kahler or Floyd Rose tremolos may also be fitted.
A limited run of Korina Vectors were built in 1997 which were esentially replicas of the original Flying Vee. Gary's Vector has a fixed Gibson style bridge and tailpiece with a single hunbucker, so it is indeed a special order guitar. You can see this instrument in the video of "Ready For Love".


Hamer Chaparral (2nd version) / White (1988/89)

Hamer Chaparral (2nd version) / Red (1988/89)

This red Hamer is a Chaparral Custom with a set neck and Original Floyd Rose and single bridge EMG 81 pickup. I would date this 1988 or so. This Chaparral is what they call the 2nd version, with the output jack on the side of the body, ect.

"I have also got a red Hamer which is loosely Strat-based with one EMG pick-up. That's got a warm, raw, earthy sound too." (Gary Moore)

(International Musician - February 1989 - Volume 15 / Number 3.)


Hamer Special / Black  (1984/85) - Hamer Special / White  (1984/85)

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Specially produced for Gary Moore by Paul Hamer and Jol Danzig of Hamer is the guitar based on the Hamer Special (Floyd Rose) (1984-85). Double cutaway unbound body with flat flame maple top (opaque colors also available) which is the specification of those built for Gary. These feature a glued-in 22 fret mahogany neck (24.75" scalle) with rosewood fingerboard. Where Gary's Specials varied from any others produced at that time is his had an all mahogany body with crown inlays, smaller peghead, Possibly Seymour Duncan pickups, (I need to research this a little further, this is a rough draft!!) and Original Floyd Rose Tremolo, which is what is termed a top mount, where the tremolo sits on top of the body with no rear routing, only allowing the tremolo to go down to pull down on the bar as opposed to pulling up to go sharp. In fact Hamer unofficially termed this specification Standard, the 'Gary Moore Model'.

Click here for the larger image!The plethora of big-name guitarists using Hamers inevitably led to the introduction of models named for individual artists. One of the earliest to get an artist association was a version of the Special introduced in '84, and carrying a Floyd Rose double-locking vibrato system. This guitar was like the regular Special except for its an all-mahogany body (no flamed maple) and a slightly smaller headstock. Pickups were Hamer Slammer humbuckers. A rosewood fingerboard with dots was standard, but an ebony fingerboard with crown inlays was offered as an option. Models so equipped are often called the Gary Moore Special because they were favored by the great Irish guitarist. The Floyd Rose/Gary Moore Specials were offered only until '85.


Hamer Phantom A5 (1st version) / Red pearl  (1982-84)

Click here for the larger image!Contoured body with scratch plate, offset double cutaways and offset waist, 22-fret mahogany fixed neck (24.75" scale) and three-a-side peghead with Hamerlock tuners.

Fitted with triple coil pickup and scratchplate mounted single coil. The bridge is either a sustain block tremolo or sustain block fixed bridge. Later guitars have optional Kahler flat mount locking trem.

Hamer Phantom A5 (2nd version) / White pearl  (1984-85)

It has a six-on-a-side peghead and Kahler flat mount tremolo.