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Ibanez Roadstar RS1000 (198?)

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Ibanez Roadstar RS1100BK (198?)

"I've been playing an Ibanez Roadstar, which they've built for me. That too is really nice. It's a Roadstar RS1100BK, with all black hardware - very smart! I'm one of their endorsees, but I'm not obliged to play their guitars exclusively. I don't know what the pick-ups are on it, though they look like EMG pick-ups. It's got a really clean bottom end to it." (Gary Moore)

(Guitarist - January 1985 - Volume 1 / Number 8.)


Ibanez Artist AR300 / ? (1983?)

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Ibanez Destroyer DT-330 or DT-380 / White (1985)


Ibanez Custom Roadstar II / Black (198?)


Ibanez Roadstar II (?) / Metallic blue (198?)

You can see Gary playing this guitar on the Emerald Aisles video, in the outdoor scenes of "Empty Rooms".


Ibanez Roadstar II / Metallic grey (198?)

You can see him using this guitar in the promo video of "Shapes Of Things", during the guitar solo, when he is playing four different guitars on the splitted screen.

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