The Polydor Years - Cozy Powell box set

  • Posted on: 11 August 2017
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Click here for larger imageA new Cozy Powell box set will be released on 25th August 1st September 2017, including all the three solo albums what Cozy has released under Polydor Records' label. The three solo albums where we also can find Gary's name. The first one, "Over The Top", originally released in 1979, got some bonus tracks as extras - what interesting to see, that many of them are listed as 'instrumental' versions. Of course the whole album was instrumental, so we will see and hear soon. The other two albums - "Tilt" from 1981 and "Octopuss" from 1983 will be used in its original format, both of them including great playing by Gary Moore. It seems to be a nice new release, especially for those, who didn't collected all these solo albums previously.

CD1: Over The Top
1. Theme One
2. Killer*
3. Heidi Goes To Town
4. El Sid
5. Sweet Poison
6. The Loner
7. Over The Top
Bonus Tracks:
8. Over The Top (Single Version)
9. The Loner (Single Version)
10. Heidi Goes To Town (Instrumental 1)
11. Heidi Goes To Town (Instrumental 2)
12. Sweet Poison (Instrumental 1)
13. Sweet Poison (Instrumental 2)
14. Sweet Poison (Instrumental 3)
15. The Loner (Instrumental)

CD2: Tilt
1. Cat Moves
2. Sunset*
3. Living A Lie
4. Hot Rock
5. The Blister*
6. The Right Side
7. Jekyll & Hyde
8. Sooner Or Later

CD3: Octopuss
1. Up On The Downs
2. 633 Squadron
3. Octopuss
4. The Big Country
5. Formula One
6. Princetown
7. Dartmoore*
8. The Rattler

* featuring Gary Moore