White Knuckles and Blue Moods

Update: Here is the first teaser of the forthcoming Gary Moore documentary, "White Knuckles and Blue Moods"

If there wouldn't be enough new Gary Moore releases on way for 2011, here is something very special! Something that we are waiting for years now that somebody will make it. Jörgen Holmstedt has informed our website about the Gary Moore documentary film, what will be ready to airing sometime next year. Those lucky ones who can attend the 25th Annual Vibe For Philo in Dublin on the 4th of January 2011, will be able to watch a long preview of this independent film.

Jörgen and Stefan Mossberg has been working on it for years now. It features Don Airey, Jon Hiseman, John Sykes, Brian Downey, Eric Bell, Brian Robertson and Gary Moore himself of course. At the moment it seems that "White Knuckles and Blue Moods" will be around an hour long. Watch this space for more info....


Is anyone working on a

Is anyone working on a biography? I have many questions about references in "Dark Days." Thank you!

Is there any news on this

Is there any news on this documentary? The teaser looks fantastic and would love to see the full program. Hopefully it will be released soon.