Gary Moore Memorial Collection

On 8th June 2011 a new double compilation will be released in Japan as a cooperation between Universal, EMI and Victor. The first disc of "Gary Moore Memorial Collection" (UICY-15066) will include songs from the period 1978-1990, mostly singles and Japanese favourites, but they also inserted the rare "Track Nine", which was released only a vinyl single B-side in 1978. The second disc is a nice collection of Gary's other projects and sessions from the '70s and '80s.

Disc 1:

1. Back On The Streets
2. Track Nine
3. Don't Believe A Word
4. Hurricane
5. Parisienne Walkways
6. Spanish Guitar
7. Don’t Take Me For A Loser
8. Always Gonna Love You
9. Falling In Love With You
10. Hiroshima
11. Empty Rooms
12. Hold On To Love
13. Run For Cover
14. Out In The Fields
15. The Loner
16. After The War
17. Still Got The Blues

Disc 2:

1. Summer Breeze (Dr.Strangely Strange)
2. Still In Love With You (Thin Lizzy)
3. Put It This Way (Colosseum II)
4. Rivers (Colosseum II)
5. Desperado (Colosseum II)
6. Put It That Way (Colosseum II)
7. Fighting Talk (Colosseum II)
8. The Inquisition (Colosseum II)
9. Do Anything You Want To (Thin Lizzy)
10. Wating For An Alibi (Thin Lizzy)
11. Sarah (Thin Lizzy)
12. You (G-Force)
13. Killer (Cozy Powell)
14. Sunset (Cozy Powell)
15. The Blister (Cozy Powell)
16. Dartmoore (Cozy Powell)