The best Gary Moore guitar solos

As probably you've seen it already, published their list of "Top 50 Guitar Solos of All Time". Surprisingly you can't see there Gary Moore's name.

Let's see which Gary Moore solos should be on that list. If you like the idea to collect the best ones, please send your Top10 (or as many what you would like to mention) to our e-mail address at We'll publish the result, our version of a "Top 50" in early November...and maybe will send it to as well.

UPDATE: Thankyou for all your e-mails, lists!
As you can see on the right of the screen, we have a nice long list of our favourites, including live and studio versions as well. Of course there should be fifty more titles on it, but these are the songs that were mentioned
the most times in your e-mails and 'top guitar solos' lists during these autumn weeks. Probably it would be totally different next spring...
Anyway, now we all can vote for our current favourite! I guess most of us will find one in this list!